Every project has those little fun extra bits that are, like, part of the project I guess but don't need to be the final project because they're just supplemental stuff, namsayin? They're just kinda brushed over.

Well NO. NOT HERE, LADS. Here, we showcase our extras. You wrote this bit because a song inspired it? Honey, link the song. Do it. Show off those inspirations. Y'all get to see every step of my process. :)

Maybe that's why I have issues with academic writing... Too clean-cut, complex wording, high strung— Man, I'll read a dissertation on the most mundane shit if there's an actual voice to it. Make me chuckle and gimme a cool jam to play in the background and I'm set.

Speaking of.

Make academia fun, y'all. 

That got off track, though, I think.

Uh. Enjoy the fun stuff that went into the creation of this monster project.