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Welcome to the Christina Spills All Her Shit section of this project.

In academic-y terms, I’m documenting here my own fandom experiences via autoethnographic accounts: what fandoms I was a part of, how and when I interacted and participated, what I gained through these experiences, etc. All that fun stuff packed into five (5) darling little episodes.

Here you go:

Don't be fooled. I'm in a lot more fandoms than just those depicted here. Considering that I have a limited timeframe, that I am a single human, and that I have systematically jumped around to about 15+ fandoms over the years, I will not be able to cover every aspect of my experiences right here right now.


The ones I will be going into more thoroughly for the time being are Nancy Drew, YouTube, Anime, and K-Pop—all staples of my growth as a fan, a person, and a scholar. These are just... some big ones. I'd like to, in the future, get to more. Talk about the influence and impact of more. And I will. Someday.

But in the meantime, allow me to show you what you’ll be missing. Here's a list of all the fandoms (that I can remember) I've been in by some varying degree, stolen from a rough section of my early notes for this project. Fun fact: Click to nyoom to more info!

Ranging from: elementary school 🠊 middle school 🠊 high school 🠊 undergrad 🠊 grad (present) }

Fandoms/Interests in Rough Chronological Order

My fandoms
  • Tumblr - whEW the account still lives - Homestuck, Undertale, ML era

  • FanFiction(dot)net - ha ha no i’m not linking that (1 anime crossover fic, 1 unfinished UA anime fic)

  • Archive of Our Own (AO3) - same here (that same UA anime fic, 1 game fic, 1 irl fic)

  • Twitter - k-pop centric, fan art, fanfiction

  • Instagram - k-pop, artists, tattoos, food, aesthetic stuff, pins

  • Group chats - joined through k-pop, then discovered other connections way back to nancy drew era

  • Going outside again! aka more IRL stuff - concerts, conventions, meet-ups, etc.

Sites Frequented in Rough Chronological Order

  • GaiaOnline - the site still lives. here's the
    history of its rise and fall

  • HeR Interactive - old forums down :(

  • YouTube - i found my old account
    pls end me it’s so bad

  • DeviantArt - i found my old one
    good bye world

  • Facebook - old cosplay pics
    and fan art (yikes)

  • Anime Sites - RIP free sites to watch
    anime without 3242 ads and viruses
    (RIP “death note ep 11 part 1/3")

  • IRL meetups and conventions - AnimeNext,
    AnimeNYC, Tower Con (Kean), Castle Point

  • Game Info Sites - walkthroughs + lore

  • YouTube again - no account, just consume

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