Welcome to… the apex of this project, in a sense. What you’ll find here is a series of thematic vignettes drawing together my experiences, my friends’ experiences, and theoretical components regarding fandom. 

While transcribing my interviews and documenting my own stories, I noted down particular themes that kept coming up. With a list of 10+ themes, I noticed that they fell almost on their own into a triangular relationship organization. I am very sure that there is a better term for that, but I’ll leave that for now.


Overall, there are three main elements I’ve been working with. The Fan, the Content, and the Community. (A fourth is Society, but we’ll get to that.) With those three elements comes three relationships.

And so, here’s what we have:

Feel free to follow those, if you want.

The fourth relationship I feel is work discussing, then, is that between Fandom—the combination of fan, content, and community—and Society. Okay, that’s gonna be hard to hyperlink, hang on.


There we go. Gotta keep consistent formatting. Kinda. Even jazzed it up a little bit with some gratuitous referencing. (For the record, the comics are better than the movie.) Also kinda of imagine like... a big circle around the Fan - Content - Community trifecta up there. That's the Fandom & Society relationship. Sorta. Listen, it's an in-process concept.

Welp, there’s really nothing else for me to put here. So go on. Get. Read those vignettes I slaved over during a pandemic.

One more note before I go, though: These themes could and probably will change over time, even after this project is "done." Just... the more that I think about it, the more that certain themes overlap, or contradict each other, or deserve better terms, etc.,