Everyone has their own story when it comes to their interests and their fandoms. What do they like? When did they start? How deep into the fan community (if at all) are they? What purpose does their fandom(s) serve in their life?

This aspect of my project looks into the fan(dom) experiences of several friends of mine. Fifteen of them, in fact. Because I have no impulse control.

(Know about JennaMarbles' Too Much Gene? Yeah, that. I talk about it ad nauseum here.)

Each interview was recorded (on two devices because I'm paranoid) and later transcribed (which is a task from hell I do not with upon Anyone and I will Never be doing again).

But anyway. Just a few little things before I let you check those out:

  1. All participants were asked if they would like to use a pseudonym to ensure anonymity.

  2. Each participant was asked 13 base questions along with any other questions that formed from natural conversation progression or curiosity.

So. Below are links to transcripts for all fifteen interviews. Have a grand ol' time reading those.

As a little fun bonus—and since live-recorded interviews are never perfect—I've taken the liberty of transcribing bloopers or extra content from the interviews, available here!