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Hi there. It's been a bit. It's two months after I initially published this site and I've been altering lil bits here and there when I find errors, but now I have an inSATIABLE URGE to finish up the other things I left as a Coming Soon! on here. So, below are parts of the interviews I deemed extra content or funny moments (most at my expense) that still deserve to be read. Listen, idk about you, dear reader, but I think my friends are funny. And insightful. And endearing. So yeah. Sue me.

Here's a list of them all, if you'd like to skip to a specific interviewee:

  • Abbie

  • Daniel

  • Anna

  • Joanne

  • Jei



Me: And that brings an end to our interview. Thank you.

Sam: You’re welcome!

Let me stop this [recording]... 

(whispers) I like pie… 

Oh my god.

(whispers) Not really.

Oh my god.

(whispers) Unless it’s savory.

Oh, stop it.

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Me: I think there was a follow-up thing I wanted to say, but I forgot. This is why I need to have the notebook right in front of me.

Tim: (laughs) Oh, your notebook's cute!

Oh, thank you! I got it at Mitsuwa, hold up. (flips to front and back covers) Gude gude gude (laughs). 

That's fucking cute. 

Wait, I just realized the poster I got at AnimeNYC is basically [the back cover, which has like 30 iterations of Sanrio's Gudetama], and it's, like, going in my office (laughs).

Your life is Gudetama.

My life is Gudetama. Ugh, god. I can't wait for my boss to walk into my office and just...

(laughs) "What is this egg?"

EGG (laughs).


{discussing Tim's textile design application}

I look forward to wearing your creations. 

I don't know if I can... I mean, I only submitted the application two weeks ago and I never got a response, so... 

Oh... Follow-up email?

Maybe I should...

Follow-up... ten emails? (laughs)

(fake rage) "Hnnnn, listen to me!!"

Phone call? Carrier pigeon?



[meme voice] Mr. Obama?



If you don't wanna include the fact that I draw porn... Is anyone else home?

No, no one's home. Yeah, don't worry about it! No one cares!

I draw tentacle porn! (laughs) I don't. No, I don't.

...yet. (laughs)

Don't yet. We don't know. (laughs)

Off the record (laughs). 

But... like, even if it's not porn I guess like... not porn...

It's fine! Don't worry about it!

It's weird saying the word out loud, I guess (laughs).

Just, like, shout it.

Yeah? Porn!



(door opens)

My mom: (across the house) Hello!

Hello! Hello!

Oh, who's two—? Who's that?



(enters) Hello! Oh, the interview going on?

Yeah. Yeah... (laughs)

You're being recorded.


You're being recorded.

(immediately backs out of the room)

(laughs) It's okay!

I won't interrupt... Oh, one more thing.


You're having your little dinner? (Note: a surprise dinner for Tim planned for later that night)

(suspicious pause) ... Yeah (said in Panic).

Okay. (leaves)

Little dinner, like a tiny lunch.

Yeah... (still in Panic).

Like a brunch!

Like a brunch... (still in Panic, then the topic swerve:) Let's see, um... What were we talking about?


{Messenger notification sound keeps going off}

Let me mute that tab... Why do I have... 500 tabs open?

Because that's just what you do—how many tabs...?

I... have many—no, here's the thing. I have many windows open.

I can't believe...

(laughs) Don't judge me.

That's even worse...

(flipping through windows to find the one with Messenger) Wait, I don’t know which one it is… Oh, it’s this one.

Your poor laptop...

It's fiiiiiine. Here, lemme just mute Messenger. It's fiiiiiiiiiiine.


Wait, speaking of Obama, and speaking of that meme, is there an Obama fandom?

I don't know?! I started saying that because... I don't know what it is. There's a lot of memes I have not been keeping up with that I only know of because of the younger people [in the fandom]. Like "slick with it"—like, I just started using that—[meaning] "it looks nice." But... I don't know if that's new slang or if it's because he's from Scotland and they make made-up words in Scotland (laughs).

If we wanna be technical... all words are made-up words. (laughs)

[Me using the Mr. Obama meme] came from when I was playing Minecraft with someone and they just kept saying that when they were knocking on my door. I'd be like, "What are you saying? You're a baby. Leave me alone." ... (laughs) (meme voice) Mr. Obama...


{discussing removing fandom name from interview}

[Note: discussion of RPS/RPF]

[Just put] "the BTS fandom." (laughs)

I'm not gonna put the BTS fandom... even though shit's like... even worse (laughs).

I don't even know the half of it... Like, I think I tried looking on Twitter once, and then, like, I died because I couldn't understand anything (laughs). I was like, "What's with these ship names? Why are people so angry about this?"

Oh, shipping? [big sigh] Lemme tell you something.


So, you probably [saw the ship name] "taekook."

Yeah. Are people angry [about the two in the ship]?

No... But people take it very seriously. [Some] people take shipping very seriously. Some. Most people know that this is FANTASY.

God, imagine? (laughs) Levelheadedness?

Yeah, some people have whole accounts [dedicated to the ship] because they are 100% sure that these two are dating. 100% sure. There was this one chick who got a tattoo on her wrist that said "taekook forever" or something.

That's scary, though.

And now, like, on this platform called Weverse where artists can post stuff directly and fans will comment, and the fans can post stuff and the artists can comment, and... It's so funny, so... One half of "taekook," Tae—he's always shutting people down, and it's so funny.

He's actively, like...—shit.

Yeah, he's actively like, "Stop." Someone posted, "I love Tae but not as much as Jungkook does, haha!" but it was in Korean, so I guess the context meant more romantic love, and Tae commented something like "Please get out of your imagination. That's not healthy."

Oh, shit.

And literally, when that happened, all of taekook fan Twitter, like, shut down.

Oh, fuck.

Like, the people who were convinced that it was real, they were just like, "I can't do this anymore!" and shut down. I was like, "Are y'all... for real?"

That's scary... Are they okay? (laughs)

(laughs) But also, that person who posted that... like, I'd go into hiding.

Yeah, that is—how do you...? Hmm... eek.

And like, they know. The artists know that shipping is a thing.


It's fantasy... (starts humming "Fantasy" by VIXX)

... (continues humming "Fantasy") (laughs)

(laughs) I was watching their [music videos] again, fuck. I miss them.

I miss them, too... Leo's going into the military—okay, I think we're actually done with the interview.

Just put that in the end.

VIXX's Leo is going into the military!!1! SUpport Jung Taekwoon! Bless his heart! (laughs)

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Miss A

{discussing how Miss A has been into K-Pop since 2009}

Miss A: Yeah, it's been a lot. It's been a minute.

Me: It's been a decade. (laughs)

It's—ughhh. It has been. It has been a decade.

Happy new decade.

Oh, god.




{fun fact: we were in a soba shop having buckwheat tea and cake}

{and it was lovely btw}

Did you have your second cup [of tea] already?

Not yet, but please go ahead.

Oh, okay.

It's okay.

No, I'll wait for you.

[whispered, insisting] No, no, no no no!

[indistinguishable bickering]

[also whispered] It's okay, I still have to finish this [cup]! Continue [what you were saying]!

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{discussing Undertale AUs}

Me: Recently I peeked back into the Undertale fandom and it was just (laughs)... it felt like there were AUs of AUs of AUs—and I was like, "This is too deep (laughs). I can't do this anymore."

Mandark: Yeah, there's too many layers. I got through... I know Blueberry and I know Error


Yeah, Blueberry! Well, I call him Blueberry. It's... I think it's Underfell? No, not Underfell. Underfell is where everybody is evil. There's that one, too.

Oh! I know what you're talking about. Is this when Sans and Papyrus swap? Ooh, I remember this...

Yeah, [in Underswap] their personalities are swapped. So Sans is the precious blueberry and Papyrus is practically a stoner, and it's great, and I love it.

(laughs) Wait, I enjoy that. I remember that. That was so funny. Wow, it's all coming back to me.



{discussing Jasper's voice actor, Kimberly Brooks}

She was also the voice for Allura on Voltron. It was interesting because it was before I watched Voltron and she was “advertised” as [Allura’s voice actor] and Jasper was kind of a secondary thing. Now that I’ve watched it, I’m like, “...Shit.” (laughs) It’s cool. She’s a cool person. She’s really nice and she liked my cosplay. We talked about how being plus-sized in cosplay means that most of the time you have to make your own shit. She understood that, and it was funny to connect with her that way.

Man, if I ever met her, I’d be like, “I’m sorry for what happened to your character… for both Jasper and Allura (laughs).”


I was thinking mostly for Allura, because… (murmuring) yikes, I’m so sorry…


[Note: here is why I am sorry.]

Yeah... Total tangent: Have you seen Steven Universe Future yet?

I haven't. I just saw it was a thing.

Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.

Is there more to it or is it just SUF?

So there was the movie and SUF is the continuation of the show. They’re episodes. Steven’s like 16 and he’s dealing with new powers…

Oh my god, babie...

Yee… Right now, Jasper is a character in the show again, but it’s interesting where all the other gems are like, “Oh, hey, we’re all okay now!” and Jasper’s like, “You’re not my diamond.” And I’m like, “Oh god.” It’s interesting.

Oh jeez... Jasper, please.

I love Jasper. She's still my big buff cheeto puff and I love her.



{discussing Hazbin Hotel's rating}


R. Definitely R.

Or E, whatever rating system we're doing here.

(goofy voice) E for Everyone!


(laughs) Yeah, there you go.

(laughs) I was thinking AO3.

Oh my god.

Listen! I'm always on there!




{extra regarding Hazbin Hotel AUs}

With the new AU that’s recently spawned, I keep seeing the AU [version] of Alastor—and Alastor in the content is this evil “I’mma do what I want because I think it’s funny” type of character—and in the AU he’s a crybaby character. And (sigh) it’s so funny. [It’s a flipped personality kind of AU.] Charlie is evil and mean and corrupted, and Angel is straight-edged, [in a] suit, “Don’t touch me” kind of character.



{on Homestuck}

I sat down and read it for three days.

(laughs) Only three days?

Maybe it was more like three weeks. I think it was three weeks, because [S] Cascade was already out at that point.

Oh... I wanna rewatch Cascade...

Right? I think I rewatched a month or two ago.

I miss it. I have to get into all the other extra stuff (laughs). All the new stuff.

Yeah, I haven't read any of the epilogues.

I just get to the one that looks like a fake AO3 page and I’m like, “I can’t do this.” (laughs)

With all of the stupid tags (laughs).

(deep sigh)



{Chocolate Interlude}

Mom: (entering with a box) Would you guys like a piece of chocolate?

(gasps) Yes!

Do you have to know what [kind each piece] is? I can tell you. (flips box for guide)


Do you like coffee?

do like coffee.

Mandark's s/o: Yes.

Okay, just letting you know that these ones have coffee, because I don’t like coffee, so I’m like, “Oh, I’m staying away from those.” Let’s just see…

[followed by a discussion of lactose intolerance I will spare you from and farewells from my mother]


{more discussion regarding Voltron discourse}


Everybody’s like, “Oh, the last season’s so terrible, the ending is blah blah blah,” and “It was queerbaiting!” And I’m like, “Dude, just enjoy the content, I’m sorry! I get it, it’s discourse, and I get it, like… ehh…” I just wanna watch a good show (laughs). The animation is cool and the storywriting isn’t as bad as people make it out to be, but… they could’ve developed Lance and Allura’s relationship a little bit more, but that’s beside the point.

That could be a whole rant on its own… thAT I WILL SPEARHEAD, but anyway.





{u know "train of thought"? meet "train of interest"}


Who made Mambostuck? Was it EmptyFeet?


It was EmptyFeet.

There you go.


And then that got us obsessed with that song, [Nillili Mambo by Block B]. Love that song.

Which led me to tell [one of my friends], which led her to get into Block B, which led her to go to Block B’s concert (laughs). But anyway. Where were we going with that?


“What do fandoms mean to you?”

Oh yeah. I think we got it.


Yeah, I think so. Do you think we got it? This is your paper.

I know—(laughs). In this moment, it’s your moment.


{#givechristinaaswitch2020 i want it}
{8/20 update: i got it}

And then the... the fish husband. Anyway. (laughs)

Ay yo. Wait, Breath of the Wild? I sTILL HAVEN'T PLAYED IT. [Note: I have now played it.]


You need to play it.

(groans) I need a Switch so bad.


You do! They were on sale, you should've gotten one. [Note: I should've.]

I'm—an—I'm a dumbass!



Well, on Black Friday, I looked at the sales, and they were just like, “It’s on sale! … … For $298!” and I’m like, “You’re such an asshole.” (laughs) I’m so tired. So I vehemently did not.


(laughs) Fair. Valid.


{more BOTW woes}

So I’ve made [a cosplay for] Kass from Breath of the Wild—the big blue bird with the accordion.

(writing down to look up later) Sorry, say it again?

Big blue bird from Breath of the Wild...

(with increasing despair) I havEN'T PLAYED BREATH OF THE WILD.


know, but the content is everywhere!

AGH. I've barred myself from the content sO I COULD PLAY IT [unspoiled].


Oh, fair.


{Majora's Mask woes}

Do you know how long it took me to realize the two fairies’ names (Tatl and Tael) made up “Tattle-tale”?

(laughing at my pAIN)

Do you kNOW HOW LONG? I WAS HALFWAY THROUGH THE GAME. (sigh) Anyway, let’s move on before I get heated.


(still laughing)


{The Circle of Stupidity is complete}

If that makes sense... Does that answer your question?

Yes. We’ve come full circle. The Circle of Stupidity is complete! (laughs)



I love that phrase, I dunno why. Where's that from? [Note: it's from Homestuck and i'm still mad about that.]

I don’t know, but then I also remembered the… double something reacharound… from Homestuck.

From Homestuck… Ah, I remember! It was in, like, the [fanmade] song. (hums to the melody of “We Didn’t Start The Fire” by Billy Joel) … Mobius something? No. … Who made that song? Not the original. “You Can’t Fight The Homestuck.”


Kayley... something?

I dunno. She liked a post I made once, though.


Or maybe it was a comment, I dunno. But I was just like (high-pitched scream).


(laughs) Ah, god, I forget. But anyway.

[Note: the song was "You Can't Fight The Homestuck" by Kylee Henke, and the term was "mobius double reacharound."]


{discussion Undertale jams}

I remember I would listen to all the covers. Do you remember—

Oh, yeah, the rock covers. The orchestral covers.

Yes. I remember I bought a fan album of metal covers. [Note: Determination by RichaadEB and Ace Waters]


{time doesn't exist, okay?}

When I say “the other day,” it could be anywhere from last week to two months ago.

Pfft. I feel that. I’ll say “the other day” for yesterday, and [my s/o]’s like, “That’s… yesterday.” Or I’ll say “yesterday” and I meant the other day, and he’s like, “That’s… okay.” (laughs)


(laughs) Not… at this moment right now. Some time in the past.

Some previous moment that is not now. (laughs)


(laughs) There you go.


{Deltarune discussion}

{we get it, you like Undertale}

That, and the music uses these chord progressions and key changes that make you feel things because that’s how music is.

It’s so good. It’s so smart with using previous themes in the game. There’s one bit from Toriel’s theme [aka "Heartache"] in “Hopes and Dreams,” right? Yes. Oh my god, that broke me. (laughs) … Thoughts on Deltarune?

I like it, and I want more.

I saw someone cosplaying Ralsei when I was at AnimeNYC, but I was going up in an escalator and I was like, (forlornly, hand extended) “Ralsei…! No!”

(laughs) I do want to do a Suzy cosplay. Like, I do.

Yes. I knew it (laughs).

(laughs) I really like Suzy.

(smol voice) I wanna cosplay Ralsei at some point… That cosplayer that I saw was really cute, I’m so sad that I never saw them again…

We should find a trio. Get someone to do Kris.

I was so thrown off when they called them Kris, because I put in my name… C-H-R-I-S, and then suddenly it went to K-R-I-S and I was like…

(laughs) Shooketh.

What happened here? You spelled it wrong. I don’t know how you did that.

(laughs) Coincidence.

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{is he wrong tho}

Me: Okay! So that’s all the questions that I have. Do you have anything that you want to circle back to or rant about?

Brian: Yeah, I guess like the only… yeah, like, some bad fandoms like BTS, K-Pop in general, and any anime—all anime is trash. [Note: All fandoms I’m in.] 

Oh, shut u- … Do you want to tell the recording if you’re joking or not? (laughs, but painfully, through gritted teeth, desperately)

(laughs) Okay, I would like it on the record that, /s, I’m joking, this is sarcasm. Anime’s fine. BTS is like… fine-ish. (laughs) BTS is fine.

I did not influence this answer. (laughs)

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{on cons aka we have an expensive hobby}

Me: Slight diversion, I know AnimeNYC had a karaoke thing. That was cool.

Risa: Less expensive of more expensive than AnimeNEXT?

It was... well, in total with taxes and everything, it was $75 for three days.

That's not bad. Between hotel expenses and actually getting the pass for the con, it's like... anywhere from $80 to $100+.

I feel that.

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Arya: I just thought to scream, "Hello, world."

Me: Go ahead.

Hello, world!

There you go. (laughs)


{discussing religion as fandom}

Ooh, I feel like that could be a debate.

Oh, it's definitely a debate. (laughs)

Ooh... ooh... I wanna start that debate. (laughs)

It's also a big debate if all religions are cults.

Oooooooh. That would be a cool paper title. "Religion: Cult or Fandom?" (laughs)

Cult or fandom... (laughs)

Cult or Fandom! (laughs)

Por que no los dos?

[sings the rest of the jingle] ... Sorry.


{discussing sports fan enthusiasm in relation to fandom}

Can't wait to go to the—what's a football team?

The Jets.

Can't wait to go to the next Jets convention in my Jets cosplay. (laughs)

(laughs) It's basically that.

I love how I just said, "What's a football team?" (laughs) I don't know shit.


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{on Doctor Who and spoilers and scarves}

Craig: He almost spoiled Doctor Who for me. (laughs) I don’t know what that look was for… If you can’t tell from the recording, she just gave me a look that was… a withering stare.

Me: (laughs) No, no, I—a couple of my friends had the same kind of experience where, like you said, they would be like, “You would love this,” and then they would explain the whole thing. I don’t think it was Doctor Who at any point, but as you can see [gestures to Fourth Doctor scarf on display], I like Doctor Who, so I’m just… upset at that (laughs).

[My wife] is making me one of these.

Aww… That took me… way too long.

Is that knit or crochet?


That’s what she’s doing, yeah.

This is actually double the length, by accident. It was supposed to be 10 feet and that’s 20.

Oh, wow, okay.

Yeah… so I was going to wear it at a convention at some point as a gag (laughs). At one point I’ll have a little wagon behind me with the rest of the scarf in it. At some point that’ll happen.

I had heard good things about [Doctor Who]—I had a friend in the 80s who was obsessed with Doctor Who and would answer random questions as Doctor Who characters. You would ask him a question about the homework last night and he would answer in the voice of a Dalek. Yeah… So I was determined to never watch Doctor Who, but then they had the revival in 2005—the 9th Doctor came up. I started hearing good things about it, and I’m like, “Y’know what, let me give it a shot,” but then, again, my one friend who’s really into anime started describing the whole thing, and I’m like, “Okay, that’s it, I’m never watching this show ever in my life.” And then I was flipping channels and it was on, and it happened to be a really really good episode, and I’m like, “Aw man, now I have to watch this.”

What episode was it?

It was [“Human Nature” and “Family of Blood”.] The one where [the Doctor] puts his self into the pocketwatch, and he’s—

(does not remember like a DINGUS) Which Doctor was it?


Ten… (sighs) I don’t remember.

He’s dressed like an English professor in, like, 1913—

(gasps) Oh, I do remember that one! It was so good.

(laughs) That one was the… you know. [Note: the pinnacle of DW revival eps? Yes, I do know.] And since I’ve been watching Doctor Who, I think there have been only a few episodes that I’ve liked better than that one. Like, that was clearly the most well-written. And it was on some kind of holiday where BBC America was marathoning [episodes]. (laughs) The thing about that episode is that it starts in medias res. The beginning of the episode, we just find out that the family of blood is chasing him and we don’t understand why they’re chasing him. It was just kinda written that way, so I figured, “Oh, okay, I have to go back to the beginning and see all the episodes to see how we got here.” So I went back to the Ninth Doctor—I didn’t go all the way back to…

Back in the day. (laughs)

…back to ‘63… Yeah, I wanna say Doctor Who premiered the day after Kennedy was shot [Note: it did], November 23, 1963. I didn’t go back that far, I just went back to [the revival aka] the Ninth Doctor. And then I found out I didn’t have to—but I was glad I had seen all that.

Mhmm. Ninth Doctor was good.

He was good, yeah.

I have to catch up with Doctor Who, honestly. (laughs)

Yeah… I think Ten is still my favorite, though … I’m sorry, please don’t throw me out of the office.

What? No, (laughs) I don’t care.

I didn’t know how invested you are in gatekeeping. [Note: best/favorite Doctor is a common debate.] (laughs) I’m so sorry.


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