Future Prospects

If you're reading this, you either got here from some link I don't remember placing throughout the site, the header, or sheer power of will. 

Yeah, I don't know how to comedically introduce this section so we're going with that, I guess.

I mention in a lot of areas on here that I don't want this project or this interest to end here. I want the passions that I've displayed on here to carry on because I think they're important. Inspiration, influence, and creation in regards to fandom interests are powerful, y'all. This stuff can get you a job or just give you a smile during the day. The pros are great, y'know?

(We're just gonna ignore the cons for a sec; those can stay in the interviews and self-docs and vignettes, okay, this is the Optimism Corner.)

Anyway. So here we have little explanatory pages for future projects I wanna do! Heck, if this is still up in a few years and I've actually gotten around to making such-and-such channel or such-and-such podcast, I'll have links to the actual things for ya. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's the shtuff I wanna give a go at:

Bam. Fun stuff. Go crazy.