Future YouTube Channel

You heard it in the Nancy Drew Self-Doc. You heard it in the YouTube Self-Doc. You probably heard it in like 3 other places because I'm a serial story repeater.

I would like to start a YouTube channel.

And I would like to start it with Nancy Drew PC game Let's Plays.

And I wanna have friends join me in the playthroughs.

I could wax poetic about how we could talk about learning through games and fandoms, go off (again) about how I don't expect anything to come from starting a channel, but I think I'll just be repeating things that I've said in those self-docs. 

So, see this page as a placeholder. If and when I get this whole channel thing started, I'll add an update and a link here. As such, have a Gude.


(heh. it's like good day, because the gude in Gudetama is pronounced goo-deh and it... it sounds like⁠—ok i'm done.)




Coming soon!

P.S. - I'm really good at this one terribly laggy and glitchy Wii game... Imagine an interview show where i bring on celebs and interview them while they struggle with the controls >:3c It's like Hot Ones, but stupid.