ODDNights Radio (& More!)

Music has always been a core part of my life, both in fandom and IRL. It influences my own creative processes and acts as a form of connection between myself and others.

As such, I've linked playlists that I've curated over the years for past projects, future projects, or just for shits and giggles.

Happy listening!

jams that remind me of

On Dark Dark Nights

and what it will become someday

jams for a to-be-written epilogue of one
of the (bad) endings
of ODDNights

jams that... just hit, y'know?
make your soul level up.
(mentioned in the
K-POP Self-Doc)

jams I "sneakily" linked in my first #Netnarr class blog Owls Are People Too

jams I "sneakily" linked in my second #Netnarr
class blog

Owls Are People Two

a lovely playlist curated by me and my Kakaotalk buds back in 2018
(mentioned in the K-Pop Self-Doc)