Every community has its own distinct lexicon. That's linguistics, baby.

And elements of lexicon have the ability to spread like wildfire under the right circumstances. That's memetics, baby.

Or something like that. There's probably a better term for it.


I'm an expert of neither memetics nor linguistics (though I do like linguistics), so I'll just skip to the part where I tell you that this is a glossary of the random fandom/social media/millennial terms used throughout this project. The terms' respective links on their respective pages take them to their respective definitions, and that's what they do here, too. They're just all gathered in a nice alphabetical list, linked to possibly several versions of their definition and where on the site the term is used.

Before I let you go, just know that we're not using Merriam-Webster here. We're linking to Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary, Fanlore, KnowYourMeme... I think it aligns well with the nature of this project, y'know? Sites like Wikipedia are great sources for vague knowledge you need to find out. Like. What’s a ghostwriter? Bam. Oh, okay, that's it. I’m not gonna use Wikipedia to write a paper about it, but I’ll use the site as a springboard for further research, y’know? So yeah, consider all the different sites I cite here springboards.

Alternate Universe (AU)

Wikipedia | Fanlore | Urban Dictionary

Interviews: Mandark, Miss A

Anime Music Video (AMV)

Wikipedia | Fanlore | Urban Dictionary (1) (2)

Self-Docs: YouTube, Anime | Affinity Online


Wikipedia (1) (2) | Fanlore

Self-Doc page | Anime Self-Doc | Interviews


Wikipedia | Fanlore | Urban Dictionary 

Self-Doc page | Interview: Anna

Dealer's Room


Anime Self-Doc

Fan Service / Fanservice

Wikipedia | Fanlore | Urban Dictionary

K-Pop Self-Doc | Interview: Arya

Fanfiction / Fan Fiction / Fanfic / Fic

Wikipedia | Fanlore | Urban Dictionary

Anime Self-Doc | Interviews | Vignettes



Nancy Drew Self-Doc





Keyboard Smash




Not Safe For Work (NSFW)


Parasocial Interaction



Surprised Pikachu

Universe Alteration


Under construction!

More coming soon!


Wikipedia | Fanlore | Urban Dictionary

Anime Self-Doc | Interviews

Artist Alley


Anime Self-Doc | Interview: Christine


Wikipedia | Fanlore | Urban Dictionary 

Anime Self-Doc | Interviews

(Cultural) Appropriation

Wikipedia | Good Housekeeping

Self-Docs: Anime, K-Pop | Interview: Abbie

English Dub

Wikipedia | Fanlore | Urban Dictionary

Anime Self-Doc

Fanart / Fan Art

Wikipedia | Fanlore | Urban Dictionary

Anime Self-Doc | Interviews | Vignettes


Wikipedia | Urban Dictionary 

Nancy Drew Self-Doc

In Real Life (IRL)






Let's Play



Pepe the Frog

Slice of Life

Then Perish

Visco Girl


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